Greg Hewgill (ghewgill) wrote,
Greg Hewgill

the tacos with international appeal

The other day I set up a Google Alerts notification for "nuclear tacos", so I could watch people blogging about the fallout from last Monday's Nuclear Taco Night at SXSW 08. There have been a few amusing comments.

The google alert drew my attention to my own entry two years ago where I had done a bunch of work to update my list of how to say "I like to eat nuclear tacos" in many different languages. Looking at the list now, it seems that my work then has been lost.

Last year around this time, two unrelated events came together to conspire against the preservation of this list. First, my colo server had a hard drive crash and I wasn't able to recover the directory where that file lived. Second, my laptop was stolen. I had used UniRed, a good Unicode text editor for Windows, to edit the file and upload it to my server. Both the working and the published file were gone.

This entry was originally intended to be a sad story of data loss, but as I was writing I found that has a copy as of 31 October 2006! Yay! I have restored the file in all its current glory. And I have better backups now.

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