Greg Hewgill (ghewgill) wrote,
Greg Hewgill

walk up the hills

Today I took a walk up the Port Hills on the south side of the city, which are only about half an hour walk from our place. It has been raining a lot over the last couple of weeks, plus it snowed yesterday, so there was lots of water in the streams. I walked up the Bowenvale Valley, which had a nice waterfall near the top. It was fun sploshing through the water and mud and snow, with the smell of the pine trees and the sound of rushing water beside the path. The view from the top at 400 m was spectacular. (Sorry, no pictures today, but my flickr page has photos from a very similar day two months ago.)

I am thankful that I got a tiny mp3 player, because it turns out that if I drop it while I'm fiddling with it, the cord isn't long enough for it to reach the (muddy) ground, and it's light enough to just hang from its earphones.

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