Greg Hewgill (ghewgill) wrote,
Greg Hewgill


I've joined orkut. I think this phenomenon needs some new words to help describe what goes on:

orkut (n) - Your group of friends who are also on Examples: "Can you add me to your orkut?" or "He's got a really big orkut of friends."

orkut (v) - To increase the size of your orkut. Example: "I'm going to stay home and do some orkutting this evening."

workut (v) - To orkut at work. Example: "My boss said we'd be suspended if she caught us workutting any more."

orky (a) - Describes the degree to which somebody has embraced the orkut phenomenon. Example: "I like him, but he's a little too orky for me."

orkian (n) - A member of Example: "Are you an orkian yet?"

orkarma (n) - The number of happy faces, ice cubes, and hearts that appear on somebody's profile. Example: "I always thought she was cool, and her orkarma just confirms that."

whorkut (n) - To befriend anybody and everybody in an attempt to get the largest orkut possible. Example: "He's never met most of the people there, he's just being a whorkut."

borkut (a) - Describes an beta server in a less-than-operable state. Example: "I tried to add you last night but the site was borkut."

yorkut (n) - A community for orkians from New York. Example: "The yorkut community is one of the most active."

Ok, that's enough from me. Anybody else have any contributions?
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