Greg Hewgill (ghewgill) wrote,
Greg Hewgill

christchurch bus system changes

Just this morning, I was thinking how nice it was that the number 17 bus, which is the fastest one from the city centre to work, just happens to go right by my house which is nearly on the other side of town. I can leave the house at a predictable time, walk two minutes to the bus stop, get on, and not worry about having to change buses until I get off at the stop five minutes walk away from work.

I happened to check the local bus info web site this afternoon, and found an announcement of some changing schedules. Fine, I thought, they do that from time to time. But this time everything has changed: New routes, deleted routes, changed schedules, changed route names and numbers. Just when I was starting to learn the system pretty well!

Ultimately this change is a good thing because they seem to have improved most schedules to 20 minutes between buses (was 30). I'll have to see how the new schedule works out with having to change buses to get to work.

But most days I still ride my bike anyway, unless the weather is unseasonably cold and rainy like today!

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