Greg Hewgill (ghewgill) wrote,
Greg Hewgill

enchanted rock

I took the day off today and went to Enchanted Rock with goulo, ivo, moonwick, paradox0220, shyape, texaspatsfan, xomox, and Aphid. Oh, and Woodie the dog, who always wanted to be at the front of the group.

We first hiked up to the top of the main dome to get a good view of the area. It was windy up there! Then we went a bit further down the north side and explored one of the caves. Well, they aren't really caves so much as spaces around and below huge granite boulders that have fallen into a ravine. Nevertheless, it was dark and cool and damp inside, just as a cave should be. We also found some amazing rock formations around the dome (see pictures).

Then we headed back to the smaller dome called Little Rock, going around and over it to pick up three geocaches on the way. I think Ivo was the first to find all three of those. We had some cactus encounters; at one point I had to extract a needle from my leg using pliers. The final cache of the day was a great one deep in another cave, but unfortunately the group was a bit fragmented at that point and only three of us found our way inside.

After a bit of confusion while getting everybody back down to the same altitude, we headed back to Fredericksburg for dinner and drinks at the Ausländer Biergarten. The food was good and the company was outstanding.

Thanks to everybody for a wonderful day!
Tags: photos, travel

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