Greg Hewgill (ghewgill) wrote,
Greg Hewgill

amy round the world

Last month I met a wonderful girl named Amy. As it happens, the first time I met her was at her going-away party. Going where, you ask? Amy left about ten days ago on a trip around the world. She's now in Dublin, Ireland (see the current weather there on the right).

Amy is keeping a journal but it's done with home grown software that doesn't have an RSS feature, so I have put together an RSS gateway that is integrated into livejournal at amyrtw_journal. Amy would be excited to see as many people as possible read her journal, so add her to your friends page now!

Unfortunately, livejournal doesn't show who is reading a syndicated account, but it does show the number of readers on the user information page.

There are still some quirks with the implementation, for example her most recent post appears twice because she corrected a typo on the initial post. If livejournal receives the old post before the corrected one, it thinks they are two different posts and keeps them both. I think we'll just have to live with this possibility.

Tags: amy, livejournal

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