Greg Hewgill (ghewgill) wrote,
Greg Hewgill

camera troubles

My trusty Canon S110 digital camera has served me pretty well for about three years now. However, over the last several months the actual battery life has dropped to near zero. I had two batteries but I seem to have lost one of them, so let's assume I just had one (they both had the same problem). With the old battery, I would be able to take about 10 pictures before the camera decided it had enough and was going to shut down. If I left it for a while it would let me take a couple more pictures. Last time I put the battery in the charger, it went from "charging" to "done" in about 10 seconds. Clearly this is not right.

I've heard from other Canon S-series owners that this is a common problem and that it's a problem with the camera, not the battery. If this is true, then I suppose it would be a problem with the battery voltage sensor in the camera. If this sensor were miscalibrated, it might report that the battery was dead long before it really was. This would cause the apparent short battery life in the camera, and also explain the very quick recharge cycle.

However, I never tested this hypothesis. I'd really rather it be a problem with the battery and not the camera, because the battery is a lot easier to replace. So, optimistically, I picked up a new battery pack for the camera.

Hopefully this fixes the problem, because I don't really want to replace my pocket camera right now. I'd rather get a digital SLR and have both available...
Tags: electronics
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