October 28th, 2003



Several years ago I bought a telescope, a really nice one (Takahashi FS-102). Unfortunately, I haven't really used it very much, perhaps I bought just a bit too much telescope. It's probably 50 pounds of stuff that can't be conveniently moved all at once. I think I can count on one hand the number of nights I've used it so far. (This will change.)

Today was one of those nights. I got home shortly after sunset, a bit too late to get any good sunset pictures. But I noticed the moon was fairly bright and crisp. So I decided to drag out the telescope to see if I could get any pictures through it. This involves simply placing a digital camera (Canon S110 in my case) up to the eyepiece and taking a picture (with the camera set to infinite focus). I'd never tried this before, but had seen others do the same with good results.

Anyway, I got some reasonably nice pictures of the waxing crescent moon. Click on the picture for a few more.