June 9th, 2004



While driving my NSX around recently, I determined that the valve clearances need adjusting. The engine was making an unusual sound that pointed to this as a cause. So in a burst of do-it-yourself energy, I've decided to tackle this myself.

I've helped my dad work on various cars many years ago, but I've never really done any significant automotive project on my own. I already had the NSX service manual, and I found a couple of good descriptions of the job here and here. I took a trip to Sears and picked up a bunch of tools I'll need, and ordered the special tappet adjuster wrench from the Acura dealer.

Even though I don't have the special adjuster tool yet (they had to order it), I couldn't wait to get started so last night I took the front head cover off. The pictures show some detail. I measured the valve clearances and they seem out of adjustment and inconsistent, which means my guess was correct and this job really does need to be done. That's a relief after having come this far!

I'll post updates as I get further into this job.