April 8th, 2005


partial solar eclipse

Today there was a partial solar eclipse visible from Austin. It started at 16:17 and ended at 17:59 local time, so I brought my telescope to work and set it up in the parking lot so everybody could see.

It was partly cloudy and I estimate that for about 50% of the duration of the eclipse, the sun was obscured by clouds. However, I managed to get some clear pictures, even though my aging Canon S110 digital isn't the best platform for this sort of thing.

Click the photo to see some more.


loss of eyesight you fear

So I was curious about the warning label on my telescope:

With the picture, the message it's trying to convey is fairly obvious. But I was curious how the Japanese would translate. So with the help of the Windows Character Map application, and Jeffrey's Japanese<->English Dictionary, I came up with the following:


Google translates this as:

Loss of eyesight you fear and look at the sun

Does this look accurate to those of you who know more Japanese than me?