July 21st, 2005


new zealand

Amy and I have decided to leave the great state of Texas, and indeed the country, and relocate permanently to New Zealand. Why New Zealand? Amy spent three months there earlier this year and absolutely loved it. The scenery, the climate, the people, she fell in love with it all. We have been talking about something like this for quite a while, but recent events have made this even easier to do.

I am in the process of applying for permanent New Zealand residency through their Skilled Migrant immigration program. I am going to sell the house, and my cars, and as much stuff inside the house as possible, and we're going to start over in a new country. I had too much stuff tying me down here, and Amy has really helped me lighten my load. Once we can get out from under the house, we can go anywhere we want.

The time frame is still up in the air. I'm not sure how long all the New Zealand immigration paperwork will take, but as near as we can tell it will be a matter of months. I'll post more news as things progress.

I'm excited!

(Yes, I'm still working on my trip report from Peru! It's coming soon. Pictures are online here.)