July 23rd, 2005


peru 2005

Finally, I have finished the big Peru trip report!

For the pictures-only tour, all the pictures are online in the Peru section of my photo gallery. The Highlights sub-album has 22 of the best ones if you want a really quick tour.

June 22. Amy's flight was a day before mine, so I took her to the airport for her flight to Lima.

June 23. I fly out of Austin to Atlanta and then to Lima. One other person from Austin (Carmen) was also flying on the same flight so I travelled with her. Fortunately I already knew the layout of the Atlanta airport, because we had to dash from one end of terminal A to the other end of terminal E! They were already boarding when we arrived at the gate and we were glad to have made the plane. When we arrived in Lima at midnight there was supposed to be a driver there to pick us up, but nobody showed up. We ended up getting a taxi and had a hair-raising ride through Lima to our hotel. Besides the usual speeding and total disregard for lane changes and traffic control, our taxi driver actually went through a red traffic light in front of an ambulance with emergency lights on coming the other way! The ambulance had to slow down to avoid a collision.

June 24. We had a free day in Lima because most of our group was arriving later. We met up with a couple of local people from CouchSurfing that Amy had arranged beforehand. Miguel took us to see the Barranco district and a pre-Inca mound (archaeological site) in the middle of Lima. Lourdes showed us how to make Pisco Sours (a margarita-like drink) and showed us more of the sights in Lima.

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