January 12th, 2006


yahoo widgets

About a year ago when Konfabulator released a version for Windows, I installed it and played with it a bit. I found it really easy to write widgets for it, and tried my hand at putting some together. Then I got distracted by other projects, and hadn't worked on it for a while.

Recently Konfabulator was bought by Yahoo and renamed Yahoo! Widgets. I wasn't paying much attention and had even quit running the old Konfabulator because it occasionally had stability problems on my laptop. It turns out that the new 3.0 version is very stable and has even more features that make writing widgets easier.

Anyway, I resurrected one of the simple ideas I had and created the Periodic Table widget. It's just a simple periodic table that lives on your desktop and shows you the most useful information about the elements. It doesn't do anything terribly fancy, just the facts.

The amazing thing is that in two days of it being posted on the Widget Gallery, it's had nearly four thousand downloads!

I've got several more ideas for widgets, so expect to see some others soon.