June 10th, 2008



My bike collided with a car on my way home from work today. Unfortunately, I was also present for the first split second and got thrown off, only to later land on the road with a good thump.

Thankfully, I'm okay save for a few scrapes (calf, knee) and bruises (hip, thumb, wrist). My helmet protected my head from a severe blow as the planet reconnected with me. If you're a cyclist, wear a helmet! I used to know in principle that it was a good idea to wear a helmet. Now I know for a fact that it will save your head from a nasty lump, or worse.

As expected, the driver of the other car never even saw me. It was about half an hour after sunset, and I was wearing my reflective vest and had flashing lights turned on, but it just wasn't enough. I always try to ride as if every other driver on the road is actively trying to kill me, which has worked well in the self-preservation department (I have avoided potential collisions before). It doesn't work 100% of the time, though.

The driver of the other car was kind enough to give me and my bike a ride home, and to make sure that we had filled out the accident report and exchanged information.

The carbon fibre frame of my bike is shredded in a couple of places, which undoubtedly implies replacement. We'll see how it all turns out. For the near future, I'll be commuting to work by bus.