September 23rd, 2008


power outage

A few weeks ago our electricity supplier sent us a letter saying that they were rolling out new electric meters. These new meters are remotely readable in real time, so they no longer have to have a meter reader come round to read it.

Installing the new meter would require that they shut off the mains power for up to an hour while they installed the new meter. They didn't give a specific timeframe for this, just "oh, sometime in the next few months". So I've made sure that I don't have anything running on my home server that would be adversely affected by an unscheduled power outage. But that's really all I could do.

As it turns out, I got a cold or something this week and am home from work. A few minutes ago some guys knocked on the door to let me know that they were installing the new meter today! So I had a chance to gracefully shut down the machines here.

I also had a chance to clone the git repositories for stuff I was working on at that moment, so I can continue to work on code on my laptop without missing a beat.

Looks like they're done now, the power is back on.