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project nsx

Yesterday the Acura dealer finally received the special tool I ordered (see previous post). So this evening I continued the NSX valve clearance adjustment project.

I first adjusted a couple of the valves that were easy to get to, to get the hang of it. 0.006 inch clearance sure doesn't leave a lot of room for error. Loosen the locknut, adjust the clearance (turning the set screw only a few degrees is enough to send it out of adjustment), tighten the locknut taking care not to let the set screw turn at all, recheck the clearance after tightening. Remember to use a different feeler gauge for intake (0.006 in) and exhaust (0.007 in) valves. Repeat 12 times for one bank of cylinders.

I have to take a moment to note that the Honda engineers thought of some very creative places to let you drop tools. After doing the first exhaust valve, I dropped the lock nut socket. At first I could see it with a mirror, but when I reached around to get it, it dropped further into the engine compartment before I could grab it. I was hoping to hear it hit the ground but no such luck. It was stuck between a panel and a beam (it took about 10 minutes of poking around just to find it). I finally got it out and managed to not drop it down there again.

After checking and rechecking all the clearances for the front cylinder bank, I decided to put everything back together on that side to reduce the number of parts sitting around. Everything went back together without a hitch, with no leftover parts. However, I just now realized that the cylinder TDC marks are only on the front cam pulley. I don't really want to take that side apart again, so I'll just wing it for the rear bank. I can tell where the cylinder is by the position of the cam lobes. The TDC alignment doesn't have to be perfect so I should be ok.

I should be able to finish this up tomorrow. Hope it all works when I put it back together!
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