Greg Hewgill (ghewgill) wrote,
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leaving sort

We're about to leave Sort en route to San Sebastián. It's beautiful here and we would enjoy staying longer, but it is time to move on. We have made some friends here, Núria at the tourism information office and Ales whose family owns and operates a very nice hotel and café/bar here.

One of the first things I noticed about Sort when we arrived was the unusual abundance of Land Rovers here. You can hardly look down a street without seeing at least one or two. They come in all kinds, lots of older Defenders like mine, in short wheel base, long wheel base, two door, four door, hard top, pickup, many beige, some blue, green, and red. There are also some newer Discovery models and some Range Rovers. I suppose they are popular around here because of the rough terrain, for which Land Rovers are of course famous.

Another thing we noticed soon after arriving was that the amount of water flowing in the river changes several times throughout the day. When we went kayaking in the afternoon it was a strong current, also when we went rafting in the morning, but in the evening we noticed it was much less. It's not the rainy season here, so it isn't natural variation. It turns out that there are dams upstream that control the water flow, and they let out more water about three times a day, specifically to support the rafting business. When we did hydrospeed at noon yesterday, the river was quite low just before we left, but after we returned it was much higher. They had let out more water right at noon for us. That was good, because in the shallower sections of the river it was easy to knock your knees against the rocks. Miguel said it should be called "hydro-hit" instead!

Today's weather is not windy at all, so today might have been a better day to go hot air ballooning. Unfortunately, we already extended our stay by one day because we had scheduled to go yesterday, and they also require at least four people to book a trip. Perhaps we will try doing that again later in the vacation.

Everybody says San Sebastián is beautiful and the food is amazing, so we'll report on that once we get a chance to sample it. ¡Hasta lluego!
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