Greg Hewgill (ghewgill) wrote,
Greg Hewgill

I live too far away to be a slacker

Today I made plans to see Hero with goulo at Alamo Drafthouse Village. Great, I thought, I would be able to see a movie I wanted to see and get some food while I was at it.

However, I waited just a little bit to long to get ready to go, and made it there right at 4:20 just as the movie started. It was sold out.

I found Russ' car and left a note. He was there with at least one other person, so at least he didn't have to see the movie by himself.

So now it's over an hour after I left, I'm back home, frustrated because a little bit of rain makes Austin drivers stupid, hungry because I didn't get to eat like I had planned, disappointed because I didn't get to see the movie today, and annoyed at myself for not planning ahead better.

Tags: slack

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