Greg Hewgill (ghewgill) wrote,
Greg Hewgill

ten things that could be journal entries, but aren't

I am borrowing this convenient bullet-point style from lizzbeth1.

1. It has been nearly four weeks since I last went soaring. This weekend, one of the tow planes is back in service but no instructor is scheduled for either saturday or sunday.

2. Some types of computer books (I had some ranging from 4 to 12 years old) sure get worthless quickly. Half Price Books is cool for happily accepting a box of books to recycle.

3. I picked up a radio controlled plane last week. It's fun! I haven't even crashed into anything yet, either. There is a nice park near my house that offers lots of open space.

4. Near the corner of my garage door, there is a wasp nest (wasps are good, so I leave them alone). Recently a spider has decided to build a web directly in front of the wasp nest. I wonder about the sanity of that spider.

5. I have turned off greylisting on my mail server. I think this time it's permanent. I decided that the disadvantage of greylisting (delayed mail delivery, occasional loss of legitimate mail) outweighed the disadvantage of not having it (more spam). I can control the spam volume problem in other ways.

6. I did some cursory analysis of my incoming spam. Of the email that fails SPF filtering (all of which is guaranteed to be forged email), 15% is from; 31% is from various other addresses; 18% is from email addresses associated in some way with VNC (my email address is in the VNC whats-new file); and the remaining 36% are from other domains.

7. Some international calling cards are a huge scam. I got one that offers a low rate of 1.9 cents per minute to Greece. $10 should get you nearly 9 hours of talk time, right? Well, there's a $1.99 per-call connection charge (that's 104 minutes), plus a $0.59 biweekly fee for just having the card (that's another 31 minutes). I'll be lucky if I get a couple of hours out of it.

8. Mono is really cool. I was able to get SOAP client stuff running in C# on Linux with no problems at all. It just works.

9. I'm trying to renew my ability in French. It has been 17 years since I last took a French course, yet I can still struggle along. I got a French review book and some readers with collections of short stories. I think I should get a dictionary too. Meanwhile, I want to continue learning Spanish, I want to continue taking informal classes in Japanese, and I am continuing to practice Esperanto.

10. nucleartacos last wednesday were very hot. Hottest tacos so far, we figure. Wow.
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