Greg Hewgill (ghewgill) wrote,
Greg Hewgill

lunar eclipse

Last year I was disappointed to have missed an opportunity to photograph a lunar eclipse (I ended up getting some lightning pictures the next day instead). This time, I specifically made sure I was going to be home, and hoped that the weather would clear up enough to see it.

The sky was cloudy most of the day, but not completely. Fortunately, the skies cleared up for me enough to get some pictures. I set up my telescope on my back porch, brought the laptop outside, and sat outside for over three hours during the entire eclipse, taking pictures and watching it myself.

The clouds came and went, but there was enough opportunity to get some good views. My camera battery died about 60 seconds before totality started; I ran around and found two other batteries that were also dead. I put one on the charger and some clouds rolled in, which made me feel better about missing that part. Once those clouds cleared, I got some (dark) pictures of totality.

My equipment is a Takahashi FS-102 (4" refractor) with an 18 mm eyepiece and a Canon S110 digital camera.

Tags: astrophotography, eclipse
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