Greg Hewgill (ghewgill) wrote,
Greg Hewgill


I've been playing with Wikipedia a bit lately. I think it started when I finally got around to contributing my article on the Galilean Thermometer to the Galileo Thermometer article on Wikipedia.

The defining feature of Wikipedia, of course, is that anybody can edit any article at any time. So I've been repeatedly clicking the Random page link, if the article appears even remotely interesting I'll scan or read it, and if I notice any spelling errors or whitespace or any other little things that could use improvement, I fix it. This is strangely satisfying for somebody with nitpicker tendencies (like me).

After doing this for a while, I reloaded my friends page on livejournal and found myself looking for the "edit this page" button to fix other people's spelling errors. Sigh.
Tags: wikipedia

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