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We just arrived in San Diego from our previous stop in Yuma, AZ. We spent the last few days seeing much of the state of Arizona, from Sedona north of Phoenix to Biosphere 2 north of Tucson and all the way to Tombstone in the southeast.

Since we totally missed everything south of Flagstaff and north of Phoenix due to the state having no vacancy (see previous post), we were glad to be able to go back to the Sedona area for some sightseeing. We camped in the valley north of Sedona (and shared our campsite with a skunk!), and did some short hikes around the area.

Biosphere 2 is essentially a big greenhouse, the most airtight building in the world. In the early 90s after it was built, two teams of people lived inside the closed environment, breathing recycled air and drinking recycled water, for two years and six months respectively. Since then it has been a research center for such things as carbon dioxide studies, since it is the only place in the world where you can accurately control the amount of CO2 in the air.

Tombstone is the site of the famous OK Corral shootout and is now a tourist town. We saw a corny reenactment of some shootouts from the wild west, wandered the streets where they still do horse and buggy tour rides, and saw the Boot Hill Cemetery where the victims of many shootouts are buried. Apparently they filled up the cemetery in just a few years!

Tomorrow we're going to visit the San Diego Zoo and around Balboa Park.
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