Greg Hewgill (ghewgill) wrote,
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answer to geopoliconomic question

The answer to the geopoliconomic question I posted the other day is:

Orange areas use 100-127 V electrical systems, while blue areas use 220-240 V electrical systems. The map is a simplified version of the map found here.

This is important to us because almost all our consumer electronics stuff that we have here won't work in New Zealand. Some things such as wall warts and battery chargers may accept 240 V, but we'll need a few plug converters (the plug shape is diagonal / \ instead of vertical | |). Other things, such as any appliance with an AC motor, won't work. My desktop computer has a switch on the back of the power supply to change the accepted voltage; I just need a new power cord which I'll be able to buy there. Similarly, Amy's Mac Mini has an external power supply which we'll have to replace once we get there too.

We recently received formal confirmation by letter that our application submission has been accepted by New Zealand Immigration. Since I do not have a New Zealand job offer yet, our application is in the slow queue and they are estimating up to four months before our application is assigned to a visa officer, and then up to a further three months after that. However, the current processing times bulletin shows that they only have a two month backlog on skilled migrant applications. Futhermore, we don't have any special circumstances like existing medical conditions or criminal convictions that might make our application take longer to process, so my best guess is we will receive approval around april.

April would put us in New Zealand near the end of summer in the southern hemisphere. We had hoped to get there earlier to enjoy more of the summer, but we may have to settle for autumn instead.
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