Greg Hewgill (ghewgill) wrote,
Greg Hewgill

international nuclear tacos

I maintain the list of how to say "I like to eat nuclear tacos" in as many different languages as possible. I recently updated the list, added romaji (Japanese) and pinyin (Chinese), and added the names of the languages in their own language. The current list is here.

If you can, please check my romaji and pinyin entries, and supply other translations if possible. I can't seem to confirm that the Polish translation is anywhere near close (saluton goulo, bonvole helpu!). The Korean translation was done by babelfish and I can't trust it (the Korean translates back to English as "I eat the nuclear other nose and Sip i increase").

You may have to increase the font size in Firefox on Windows to read the pinyin properly (ctrl-plus). Internet Explorer shows it fine on my computer, but Opera shows some really odd spacing in the pinyin.

At the top of the desired-language list are:

  • Hebrew
  • Gaelic
  • Greek (EDIT: roman letters done, thanks thomasj; need Greek letters)
  • Thai
  • Hindi
  • Persian
  • Norwegian (bokmal and nynorsk) (EDIT: done; thanks Sauron!)
  • Czech
  • ...anything else

Finally, remember that you can order nuclear taco swag at cafepress, including a shirt with all these translations on it!

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