Greg Hewgill (ghewgill) wrote,
Greg Hewgill

middle earth

We arrived in New Zealand just over six weeks ago. Aside from the very first weekend that we spent in Akaroa, we have not had a chance to get out of Christchurch at all. This has been a source of increasing frustration for me. I moved here on blind faith, now I want to see some of the country! Since we don't have a car, it's not easy for us to just pick up and go somewhere.

Today though, we had the opportunity to go to Arthur's Pass with a friend from England who we met here a couple of weeks ago. She recently moved to Christchurch too, and has a car. Yay, transportation!

Arthur's Pass is about two thirds of the way from Christchurch (east coast) to Greymouth (west coast). The weather in Christchurch today was grey and overcast all day, but the clouds broke up and the weather turned out great at the pass. It's really quite picturesque and my photos don't do it justice. There are a ton of walking tracks ranging from short half hour walks to multi-day treks. There is a lot to explore and it's so great to have that kind of park so close to home!

Anyway, a few of my photos are on flickr.

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