Greg Hewgill (ghewgill) wrote,
Greg Hewgill

tracking our stuff

Back in August 2005, we packed up 29 boxes of our stuff while we were still in the house in Round Rock. We stored this stuff in a spare room in the cowhouse (thanks bovineone!). Fast forward to March 2006, when we returned to Austin to finalise various things before we left for NZ. The same day we were to leave on the plane, a local moving company came to pick up our 29 boxes of stuff. They did minimal repacking as we already had everything mostly ready to go.

Yesterday, I found out where our world-traveling stuff has been. It had first been taken to Houston, then loaded on a truck to Los Angeles. From there, it was put into a container and loaded onto a ship bound for China. Sometime in April, it arrived at the port of Chiwan which is very close to Hong Kong. On April 30, it was loaded onto a different ship bound for Melbourne, Australia. May 15, it arrived in Melbourne and sat on the dock for two weeks. May 29, it was finally loaded on yet another ship bound for Auckland. That is scheduled to arrive on June 7, then a local shipping company will bring it to us here in Christchurch.

We hastily packed our boxes nine months ago and haven't looked in them since. It's going to be like Christmas around here when we finally get to open them up!
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