Greg Hewgill (ghewgill) wrote,
Greg Hewgill

broken glasses

My glasses broke today. I just reached up to adjust them on my face, and the left arm basically snapped off at the hinge, leaving the remaining parts sitting a little bit skewed on my face. It looks like the hinge broke internally (it's one of those hinges with springs), with no apparent way to fix it. So, with a bit of UHU glue and clear tape, they're all patched up again. At least, I can wear them for a while until I can get new ones. But yes, my glasses now have tape on them.

My previous glasses have always lasted longer than this, and I've never had a hinge just snap off internally. I think these ones were just lower quality than what I'm used to. I normally expect glasses to last at least five or six years. Oh well, I was probably due for an eye exam anyway.

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