Greg Hewgill (ghewgill) wrote,
Greg Hewgill

les quatre saisons

I've been home sick for three days and I've pretty much exhausted all my usual forms of internet entertainment. I'm all caught up on the RSS feeds I read in Google Reader, and sites like don't change nearly fast enough over the course of a day.

So, I did what I've done for years when I'm bored on the internet, and headed over to Fourmilab to see what's new. There's always something geeky and interesting there. Today, I came across Les Quatre Saisons, which is a time-lapse video taken over the course of a year, replayed at a rate of one day per second, and set to Antonio Vivaldi's Le quattro stagioni. The page details the equipment and methods used to produce the video. The video is well-produced, and while it will never soar to the top of the charts on YouTube, it's worth a watch.
Tags: mlp

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