Greg Hewgill (ghewgill) wrote,
Greg Hewgill

doing and not doing

Inspired by the Yes, But What Have You *Done*? post over on Coding Horror, I resolve to spend more time doing and less time not doing. For me, not doing includes crap like reading all the dozens of new articles that appear every day in my Google Reader, reading the myriad of mailing lists to which I'm subscribed, reading the new stuff on, reading this and reading that. It's all quite interesting, I assure you, but it doesn't directly help me do anything.

I made a list of at least ten little open source software projects which exist right now that I need to package and release. I've got a todo list full of new stuff to write (both text and code), new ideas to think about, new projects to start. Every time I have even the faintest flash of an idea I record it in my todo list, so it tends to accumulate stuff I'm never really going to get to. I need to prioritise, then do.

Writing about this is in fact not doing. I have code to write.

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