Greg Hewgill (ghewgill) wrote,
Greg Hewgill

photos I've taken

One of the blogs I read for visual entertainment is Dark Roasted Blend. A while ago I sent Avi (the guy behind the blog) a link to some of the weird pictures in my photo gallery and he responded with interest. Sure enough, today in the Extreme & Beautiful Weather post, one of my pictures is featured! It's about a third of the way down the page, and is a photo I took many years ago in Bakersfield, California. The US military was doing some testing of self-guided interceptor missiles and one left a fantastic vapour trail. Update (2007-09-27): Another one of my pictures appeared in Strange Signs Part 7.

In related news, the Schmap web site used my photo of Victoria Square on their Christchurch lodging page. Curiously, although the link they gave me appears to "feature" my photo in the right hand pane on that page, it does not appear in that pane when navigating to the same page through the top of the site. One has to go Christchurch > Where to Stay > Photos > and then find my photo near the bottom. I think it's a bit disingenuous how they send individual contributors a special link that makes it look like their photo is the featured photo. (As an aside, I didn't specifically submit my photo, but they located it on Flickr because it is licensed using a Creative Commons license.)

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